Spice up your event with something new! The music and entertainment industry is constantly evolving, with every year new instruments, new acts and new concepts. Let us guid you through the new and upcoming special acts and make an event with lifelong memories.


Certain to make your special occasion absolutely unforgettable, a handpan player will create a fantastic atmosphere of serenity and enchantment as they perform on one of the rarest instruments in the world. 

Creating a melancholic and bewitching soundscape, this extraordinary instrument promises to leave a lasting impression on everyone who hears it.


An innovative and complete hybrid DJ set in combination with live instruments. A repertoire that covers a variety of genres like deep, pop, oldies, and more, makes it possible to fit any theme or atmosphere.


This visually stunning, high impact entertainment option is guaranteed to have all your guests mesmerized. Based on the Blue Man Group’s award winning show, the Water Drums create an impactful visual effect.

This show is performed along with DJ’s music or provided tracks. Thanks to a customized carpet, up to 30 liters of water can be absorbed, leaving the stage clean.