Saxophonist based in Belgium and Zanzibar for worldwide


In Antwerp, Belgium, Nuri discovered his passion for music at an early age, starting saxophone lessons at 8. His musical journey continued at ‘Dé Kunsthumaniora’ at 15, studying under Bart Defoort. Jazz camps and workshops enriched his skills, leading to the formation of his first band with drummer Basile Peuvion. Organizing musical camps and fostering creativity became part of his repertoire. Post-studies, he explored South Africa and Swaziland, connecting with his roots. Studio work with Bholoja and collaborations with musicians like John Filip Fakudze and Ralph Louis Smit broadened his musical horizon. Nuri’s travels extended to East Africa, performing alongside notable artists. Back in Belgium, he established his unique sound, ultimately founding Bedja Music, an innovative project and company.