The DJ – live musician combines the best of both worlds with exclusive edits and remixes accompanied by live vocals, saxophone, guitar and/or percussion.
From lounge music to club vibes, let’s get the party started! Choose your own combination of live musicians in combination with DJ.


Saxophonists are becoming one of the most popular entertainers in combination with DJ. 

Our saxophonists have a huge repertoire, so there will be something to suit all music tastes. 

Think relaxed Café Del Mar sounds during the start of the evening, groovy house to get the party started and singalong soul classics to ensure that no one leaves the dance floor.


Add some excitement and vibrancy to the DJ set by adding a live percussionist to provide the perfect soundtrack to the occasion.

Our selection of multi-talented percussionists are experienced and divers, bringing an amazing range of rich and up-tempo music.

Percussionists provide the rhythm in music; however, they are also effective in creating harmony and melody, adding extra depth to a piece.


Add a touch of sophisticated entertainment to your event with a solo violin player. Whether you want to romance your guests or set the dance floor on fire with high energy and generous helping of glamour, violin players could be exactly what you need.

It’s amazing just what a wide variety of music there is on offer with a solo violinist. Especially when they play those great cross-over pieces that bridge the gaps between classical, film and pop.


No matter what the occasion is, live singers can create a personal touch that amplifies the energy and excitement in the room. 

Our singers know how to read a crowd and play music that everyone loves. This can make your event more enjoyable for everyone and engage your guests in a way that recorded music simply can’t.